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Psychological flexibility as a mediator of the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and manifestations of depression, anxiety and stress

Igor Krnetić, Lana Vujaković

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Significance of sport activities for persons with disabilities

Svetlana Obradović, Thomas Nikodelis, Milica Stojković

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Internal working models of affective attachment as predictors of dark triad

Luka Borović, Jelena Marković

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Coping strategies as a predictor of internet addiction

Teodora Pavićević

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Locus of control and perceived social support as predictors of stress level in adolescents

Ljubica Petković, Miljana Mihajlović, Jovana Stevanović, Milica Arsić, Dušan Glišić

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Expression and visual memory of specific stimuli (emoticons)

Dajana Budiša, Ajla Halilović, Ljiljana Jovanović, Nedeljka Prole, Svetlana Borojević

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Perfectionism, awe and modes of aesthetic processing as predictors of perceived artistic value

Miljana Nikolić

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The effect of facial expression of emotion, type and level of power on inferences of perceived dominance

Stefan Đorić

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Correlation between right-wing authoritarianism and five factors models of personality – meta-analysis

Nemanja Đorđević