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Goodbye, AMOS! Confirmatory Factor Analysis in a Free and Flexible Software Package lavaan

A Workshop by Nikola Ćirović | Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš

As opposed to the widely used software such as AMOS, lavaan is both free of charge and much
more flexible in terms of different structural equation modeling (SEM) capabilities. This workshop
provides a short introduction to confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in the lavaan package. The
workshop will feature demonstrations of package installation, modeling syntax, model
specification, the use of modification indices (respecification), and estimation in lavaan. We will
also demonstrate how to deal with missing data as well as how to deal with categorical types of
data. Participants will learn about the use of different estimation techniques used in SEM (CFA) to
accommodate the analysis to different types of data distributions. Prior to the hands-on exercises in
lavaan, the workshop will feature a brief overview of the theory behind factor analysis and SEM in
general. Finally, the demonstration will feature the most common factor structures, such as
correlated factors, hirerarchical, and bifactor factor models. All aspects/steps of the analyses will be
demonstrated via hands-on exercises with the data provided by the lecturer. The demonstrations will
be featured in R Studio, which (along with R) should be installed by the participant prior to the

Keywords: lavaan, CFA, factor analysis, SEM

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