History of DPP

International conference

Days of Applied Psychology (in Serbian, Dani primenjene psihologije or Дани примењене психологије) is a traditional annual nonprofit conference organized by the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Niš, Serbia. It was founded in 2004 and initially devised as a space where psychologists from the area of Southern Serbia could meet, present their works and exchange ideas. Organized annually, in the years to follow, number of participants grew quickly attracting ever larger numbers of scientists and practitioners in various areas of psychology both from Serbia and other regional countries. Plenary lecturers and participants who were initially from Serbia only, started coming from all over the South East Europe and later from throughout Europe. This led to the transformation of the Days of Applied Psychology from a small local conference to a regional one. Devised as a regional conference, the working language of the first Days of Applied Psychology conferences was Serbian.

After a decade of work, in 2014, 10th Conference Days of Applied Psychology broadened its scope and became an international conference. The working language of the conference became English.

Priding itself with good scientific program, traditional south Serbian hospitality and cuisine and an exciting social program for which it became well known, Days of Applied Psychology now aims to become one of the benchmark conferences attracting psychologists from all over the world. A motivated and professional team forming the scientific and organizational committees works hard to deliver the promise of exciting scientific ideas, good company and good food to all the participants of the conference.

Today, Days of Applied Psychology is one of the prominent conferences in the area of psychology in South Eastern Europe.